two versions Desert Eagle Sunset Storm

Why two versions Desert Eagle Sunset storm?

If you look at Steam more closely, you notice that there are two versions Desert Eagle Sunset Storm. You may ask ‘Why there are 2 same Deagles? What happened? Why there are 2 same Deagles?


Differences between two skins of Desert Eagle Sunset Storm

These two skins were made by Valve developers. Both skins of Desert Eagle belong to “Rising Sun” collection,released in 5/27/2015.
They look the same, it might be seem, at the first sight. But what is the reason of naming one – Desert Eagle Sunset Storm , and another one Desert Eagle Sunset Storm ?
As you may notice, there are symbols in the end of name of both Deagles, but it’s not the only difference!

Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 壱Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 弐
Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 壱Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 弐

If you examine detailed information about each skin, you’ll find out it’s the same description of both. But if you take a look closer, you can find some interesting note, which says “You think it’s the same, but look again… subtlety makes all the difference”.
And if you look more closely, on Sunset Storm 弐 grip, you’ll see smiling Japanese man with cup of sake in his hands. That’s the main difference which makes these Deagles a different pistols.

Rising sun collection logotypeAnd here is the question that comes to your mind “But what is the reason of putting an image of Japanese man?”. First of all, it can be explained with the examination of “Rising Sun” collection. As you take a look at it, you’ll see that its logotype has a direct relevance to Japanese culture.

Looking back on the skins of “Rising Sun” collection, you realize that all of them are connected with Japanese culture: Bamboo, Akihabara, Crimson Kimono, etc.
It is definitely important to mention that these symbols in the end of Deagles’ name have translation – one or 1 for 壱 , and two or 2 for 弐. That’s the difference between two Sunset Storm skins.
You can get them or other Digls from the case Random Desert Eagle.

What is the reason for it?

There are appearing some ideas, that it was made for a reason (as these skins were made by Valve developers).

But we may only guess, what is their message/what is the special meaning. We have some theories to put forward. Let’s have a look on them:

  1. First, it’s a reason to highlight and distinguish individuality of “Rising Sun” collection with relation to dimension of unique Japanese culture of the past century.
  2. Second, they have decided to add some charm and uniqueness, distinct it from typical skins.
  3. Third version, it was made to raise a number of question and discussions on this topic, thus to improve players’ engagement into world of CS:GO. We think, that this plan have been succeeded, as even today lots of question connected to this topic are continue to appear.
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