What’s better: M4A4 or M4A1-S in CS:GO

What’s better: M4A4 or M4A1-S in CS:GO

What’s better: M4A4 or M4A1-S? Many players ask themselves about it and there is a reason. Let’s try to puzzle it out!

In general both weapons have almost the same characteristics though some details make each gun special and adjusted for different situations.

Main characteristics M4A1-S in CS:GO

Main characteristics M4A1-S in CS:GOAdded in the Arms Deal update on 14 August 2013. It’s sort of a tribute to M4A1 from the previous CS games. The main feature of the rifle is its barrel silencer.
It is the barrel silencer that is the bonus providing the gun serious advantages:

  • Quiet shooting sound;
  • Better accuracy;
  • Lower kickback;
  • No tracers.

It’s obvious you should not get rid of the barrel silencer because of the following:

  • Increasing kickback;
  • Lower accuracy;
  • Losing the advantage of quiet shooting;
  • Increasing dispersion.

Though the barrel silencer increases the length of the weapon and it reduces the chances at stealth attack and your location can be easily detected.
A small gun clip (20 bullets) and stock (40 bullets) are also disadvantages and make players count the bullets.
Absolutely everyone can easily knock it out of a special M4A1-S case.

Main characteristics M4A4 in CS:GO

Main characteristics M4A4 in CS:GOM4A4 was used in CS:GO before (right from the beginning) M4A1-S and is its rightful alternative.
The obvious advantage of the weapon is its big clip (30 bullets) and increased stock (90 bullets). It helps to carry out certain maneuvers (like spraying) and not to count bullets.
Another advantage is the increased firing speed in comparison with M4A1-S. Both features help fighting at short distances.
However considerable kickbacks will influence the shooting.
Lovers of this M can get it out of the M4A4 case.

Comparing M4A4 and M4A1-S

Let’s compare the main characteristics of both rifles:

M4A1-S damage

Without armorWith armor
Chest and arms3223
Red – critical hit.

M4A4 damage

Without armorWith armor
Chest and arms3223
Red – critical hit.

Each rifle has its own advantages. In general the question “Which gun is better?” is actually irrelevant. Each player should choose his own weapon depending on his game strategy and role in CS:GO.

If you are a wary player, you have a good rank and great aim, you better choose M4A1-S. This rifle will certainly become a great weapon in your hands. This rifle is the best for accurate shooting and careful play.

If you like dynamic play and cover your partners then choose M4A4! Lots of bullets allows to combine different methods (rush, spray, etc.) and help to protect your partners.
Study your style of playing and choose the best variant!

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