What case to open today?

What case to open today?

What case to open today? We guess the most of you ask yourself this question. And it’s a right question to ask when you’re planning to open cases. You can find different types of cases on Cases4Real to every taste and budget. It is therefore not surprising that it is no easy to decide on which to open. That is why we are here to help you! With this article you can have a look at the case range and make your choice for today.


VIP cases

VIP cases on Cases4RealVIP cases – It’s a special line of cases made specially for Cases4Real VIP users. To have an access to these cases you are invited to join VIP club. There is a limit for daily openings in relation to highest drop rate. The more expensive case the wider winning range (both upward and downward).

Adrenaline cases

Adrenaline cases on Cases4RealAdrenaline cases – These cases are the best cases for getting a nice item! By opening it you have a chance to get cases which price is few times higher than real case price, so the chances are high. But also chances are the same to get a small pay-off.

Crew cases

Crew cases on Cases4RealCrew cases – Young folks would appreciate these skins. Choose your pal from the Crew and he will give you nice skins! The higher the price, the better skins you can get. These cases will suit each taste. Be with the Crew!

Collection cases

Collection cases on Cases4RealCollection cases – It is a whole collection with wide variation of cases with the starting price of ~$0,15. It is a real paradise for the fans of making choice. Here is collected lots of different cases options with different pricing that is why it is no way you won’t find a good case for you.

Hen house

Hen house on Cases4RealHen house – If you’re looking for good drop for a reasonable price you should take a closer look at Hen-house case line. It is a good way to spend your bottom balance and surprise yourself with good drop. Don’t let the hen to plot the world domination – take away all the skins!

Monster cases

Monster cases on Cases4RealMonster cases – It is an exclusive line that was specially made for Cases4Real. By opening monster cases you get several different category skins at the same time. Each monster case have its unique categories with awesome skins. You get more than Gaben has!

Sticker packs

Sticker packs on Cases4RealSticker packs – You’d say it is just a simple sticker pack. But you won’t be right! By opening this sticker pack you’re getting an opportunity to become a unique holder of holographic and metallic ones. With these sticker you’d be top player!

Knife cases

Knife cases on Cases4RealKnife cases – Have you ever dreamed about having an awesome knife in CS:GO? Well, with these cases you can get not only a knife, but also an opportunity to get it for a good price.

Weapon rarity cases

Weapon rarity cases on Cases4RealWeapon rarity cases – Includes cases that depends on weapon rarity in CS:GO to date. Here you can have a weapon with that type of rarity you want.

The cheapest cases in the world

The cheapest cases in the world on Cases4RealThe cheapest cases in the world – This category was made for the days when you want to open cases, but don’t have enough money. WIth this prices and chances you have glad yourself and satisfy your desires.

Secret cases

Secret cases on Cases4RealSecret cases – You’re higher your rank on Cases4Real by opening these secret cases. The higher your rank, the more special Secret cases you can ope (they are differ with the chances of getting pretty good skins). As the chances are really high there is a limitation of day opening this category of cases.

Power cases

Power cases on Cases4RealPower cases – Exclusive case line that is free! You just need to collect the charges! Charge cases and get awesome skins!

Trending cases

Trending cases on Cases4RealTrending cases – Have its own idea! They were made with love and have collected skins that is original for real.

Weapon cases

Weapon cases on Cases4RealWeapon cases – If you want to get skins for exact weapon – you’re in the right place. Here you can choose skins you wanted.

Kitten cases

Kitten cases on Cases4RealKitten cases – These cases for the cat-lovers! Feel yourself like real cat! Choose the box you like and get nice skin! Cats and skins, skins and cats – what could be better?
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