Weapon rarity cases on Cases4Real

Weapon rarity cases on Cases4Real

Did you know that you can find weapon rarity cases that are relevant nowadays in CS:GO on Cases4Real? It means you can choose among them the exact rare weapon as you need. By the way affordable price will surprise you.

There are 6 cases with different weapon rarity:


Restricted case

Restricted case on Cases4RealКейс Restricted case – Includes restricted skins of 2 types: typical and StatTrak. Here you can find such cool stuff as AWP | Phobos and USP-S | Cyrex. Democratical price of ~$1.50 won’t.

Classified case

Classified case on Cases4RealКейс Classified case – The same as Restricted case includes 2 types of skins: simple skins and skins with StatTrak. It is possible to have a good drop with expensive skins if the luck on your side. You can catch the luck here: dare to spend only ~$5, but get a skin which cost a few thousands.

Covert case

Covert case on Cases4RealКейс Covert case – Is the coolest case that includes only Covert skins. It means here you can find famous items such AWP | Asiimov or USP-S | Kill Confirmed. If you choose to open this case – be ready to pay ~$9.37 and become an owner of these cool skins!
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