Weapon cases on Cases4Real

Weapon cases on Cases4Real

Do you want to take skin for the exact weapon? Don’t be shy, go to Cases4Real and open weapon cases! Right here you can find the most outstanding skins such as “Howl” or “Dragon Lore“!

There are 3 cases with the most popular types of weapon:


Random Desert Eagle case

Random Desert Eagle case on Cases4RealRandom Desert Eagle – This guy is a handheld artillery that everyone adores. You can open the case for fun price – just pay ~$1.69 and get any of the Deagles, including “Blaze” and “Hand Cannon”.

Random AWP case

Random AWP case on Cases4RealRandom AWP – This case offers you wide range of skins for the first-rate weapon of each CS:GO player. With the price of ~$8.52 this case includes largest skins’ masterpiece indeed such as “Dragon Lore“, “Medusa” and famous “Asiimov“. We have no doubt that luck could be on your side today! So prepare yourself to get one of the most expensive skins in CS:GO world!

Random Galil AR case

Random Galil AR case on Cases4RealКейс Random Galil AR – It’s time to get a random Galil skin! By opening a ~0.56$ case you get one of fantastic skins for Galil AR. True pros use only this one! Famas is for losers, right?!

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