Trending cases on Cases4Real

Trending cases on Cases4Real

Trending cases – This category was made with particular preference, love and bright idea in each case. Trending cases are totally different and offers you a wide variety of skins which makes them genuinelу unique.

Which offer you 10 cases types:


Infinity CT case

Infinity CT case on Cases4RealInfinity CT – One of two cases that have an eternal fight between each other. If you’re for CT – open this case! Here you can find skins available only for Counter-terrorists. If you like to play as CT – be sure to open this case. You can get perfect skins for you weapon just for ~$1.52.

Infinity T case

Infinity T case on Cases4RealInfinity T – Is an eternal rival of the previous case. If you’re for T – it is certain that you need to open this case! Which side are you on: CT or T? Open one of these two cases to prove you made a right choice! Infinity T is a perfect choice for the fans of playing for Terrorists. For ~$1.52 you’re becoming a holder of cool skin for your T’s weapon!

Autumn case

Autumn case – Summer has passed, but it’s no time for sadness as we prepared for you something that gonna take away your Autumn depression. Discover awesome Autumn Case for just ~$1.04!

Ksiaomi case

Ksiaomi caseKsiaomi case – Almost ran out of charge on your top Xiaomi? Have time to open the case for only ~1.60$ and recharge your inventory!

Mongey case

Mongey caseMongey case – Open the case for ~2.81$, and get their well-deserved skins! Don’t act like a monkey, pump your inventory.

Aspirin case

Aspirin caseAspirin case – Had a great celebration? Heal your inventory with the fresh skins for just ~$3.85! A few aspirins and your inventory is fresh as a Daisy? Hurry up! You’re not the only one who had fun on Holidays!

Big Boss case

Big Boss caseBig Boss case – Ready to make a real SWAG party? Open a fashion case for ~53$ and get the most stylish skins! Your opponents will scream in surprise! But this is not accurate.

Favorit case

Favorit case – Become a Favorite of his team, open case for ~7.25$, and get tsarskie skins! Up rank, kill opponents, receive recommendations from teammates-it about you?

Petition case

Petition casePetition case – Enough to endure the tyranny of Gaben! Give us back the normal trade! Open the Petition case for ~5.80$, and together we will show Valve that we can survive, and will not bend under their policy!

VACnet case

VACnet caseVACnet case – Stop the cheaters together! A new neural network for anti-cheat applications already spoiling for a fight! Open the case for ~4.85$ in support of the anti-cheat system from Valve.
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