Trending cases on Cases4Real

Trending cases on Cases4Real

Trending cases – This category was made with particular preference, love and bright idea in each case. Trending cases are totally different and offers you a wide variety of skins which makes them genuinelу unique.

Which offer you 14 case types:


Ghost case

Ghost case on Cases4RealGhost – Was available only for particular time as it has really high chances for a good drop, but we have good news for you – nowadays you can open Ghost case in any time! Pay ~$5.65 and update your collection with fine skins.

Lover case

Lover case on Cases4RealLover – Was made for the ones who spread the love! Here you find skins of pink and red shades and colors. Do you want a knife of one of these colors? We are giving you that chance for ~$3.36. And never forget that your precious CS:GO loves you back and never leaves you!.

Savage case

Savage case on Cases4RealSavage – Awakening your inner animal! Don’t you think you’ve proven you can control your beastly instincts by now? Dare to take away “Medusa“, “Howl” and “Fire Serpent” in your collection! These and other animals wait for you in this case. It can suit your hunger with the price of ~$3.36!

Infinity CT case

Infinity CT case on Cases4RealInfinity CT – One of two cases that have an eternal fight between each other. If you’re for CT – open this case! Here you can find skins available only for Counter-terrorists. If you like to play as CT – be sure to open this case. You can get perfect skins for you weapon just for ~$1.52.

Infinity T case

Infinity T case on Cases4RealInfinity T – Is an eternal rival of the previous case. If you’re for T – it is certain that you need to open this case! Which side are you on: CT or T? Open one of these two cases to prove you made a right choice! Infinity T is a perfect choice for the fans of playing for Terrorists. For ~$1.52 you’re becoming a holder of cool skin for your T’s weapon!

Autumn case

Autumn case – Summer has passed, but it’s no time for sadness as we prepared for you something that gonna take away your Autumn depression. Discover awesome Autumn Case for just ~$1.04!

Into the Space! case

Into the Space! caseInto the Space! case – what does the universe conceal? Perhaps one day we’ll find it out. And for now – open a case designed especially for Space Week held within October 4-10. Incredible space skins are awaiting!

Friday the 13th case

Friday the 13th case on Cases4RealFriday the 13th – Jason is hunting … Break into his house and take the best guns from his case! ~$2.80 and the gun is yours. Hurry up while he is away, but remember – he can return any moment…

Crazy Farmer case

Crazy Farmer caseCrazy Farmer case – no money for good rifles? Blow it off and let it go! Farm cool skins with Crazy Farmer! This guy knows steep shotguns and subguns and will get you some smooth skin for ~$2.70!

Students’ case

Students’ case – Happy Students’ Day, bro! Tired of studies? Flunked your exam? Stop moping! Open a special Students’ Case! Pay only ~3.40$ and it’s yours! A new hot skin is better than a set of rolls!

Hyper Asiimov case

Hyper Asiimov caseHyper Asiimov case – Mix of two hit collections in one crate, combining Asiimov and Hyper Beast skins. It’s the choice of those who like to dominate their games: get those only for ~7.69$ and pour a pound of salt all over your dead enemies.

Masterpiece case

Masterpiece caseMasterpiece case – Is made to celebrate the Artists Day. All the guns in that crate are truly a work of art. Let’s show the skinmakers who made them our love and appreciation they deserve. It’s only a ~2.95$ per case with truly priceless content.

Aspirin case

Aspirin caseAspirin case – Had a great celebration? Heal your inventory with the fresh skins for just ~$3.85! A few aspirins and your inventory is fresh as a Daisy? Hurry up! You’re not the only one who had fun on Holidays!

Dragon case

Dragon caseDragon case – Meant for those who are looking for the most powerful weapon. It’s ~6.20$ only for selection of fierce weaponry! And a good chance that AWP Dragon Lore will make you his chosen one.

Ugandan case

Ugandan caseUgandan case – Will show you de wae. De way to the title of real Ugandan warrior! It’s ~1.75$ for the set of the best skins with all the shades of red. Get yourself the most Ugandan weapons in the game and go online to spit on those who don’t know de wae.

Pancake case

Pancake casePancake case – The top skins for only ~4.70$! Collect a full set of yellow guns with the most appetizing case in the world. Just look at that crunchy crust … Hurry up before they eat everything!

Big Boss case

Big Boss caseBig Boss case – Ready to make a real SWAG party? Open a fashion case for ~53$ and get the most stylish skins! Your opponents will scream in surprise! But this is not accurate.
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