How to throw grenades quickly in CS:GO

How to throw grenades quickly in CS:GO?

If you ever got a question such as “How to throw grenades quickly in CS:GO?” – this article was made special for you. Cause these strategies will give you a huge advantage in the game.

When you typically throw your grenades, the shooting from your primary weapon (let’s say AK-47) starts at the moment of its explosion. You must admit that some of us had died before that moment (at least once or twice).

But there is the way that allows you to throw grenades quickly and move to the part of switching to your weapon swiftly and seamlessly.

At each throw, at the moment when the grenade leaves your hand, you need to press the hotkey of your primary weapon (as a default – 1) so that you can perform fast. In that way we avoid the delay that is caused by the throwing animation and switch with our own hands.

But we have to be attentive, if we’ll press the hotkey earlier (when you still got a grander in your hand) we are risking to lose the moment and as a consequence – grenade stays in your hand.

By the way, this also works with any brand of pistols, whether, for example, everyone’s favorite Desert Eagle. Which is easy to get in the case of a random Degle.

Except the economy of precious seconds for performing fast executes while throwing grenades, there are several tactical bonuses of that technique.

Counter-terrorist used flame grenade

E.g. There is a way of fast double flash combo (which you can throw almost one-by-one).

You want to type the command – bind “t” “use weapon_knife; use weapon_flashbang” (and press Enter), that lets you momentally gets flashes at the moment of pressing “T”.

With the right binds configurations you can do the same manipulations with false grenades and flash bangs.

This awesome technique allow you to use lots of combinations for the quickly grenade throwing. It all depends on your preferences and skills of doing this throwing tactic in a right way.

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