The best SMG in CS:GO

The best SMG in CS:GO

What is the best SMG in CS:GO? Try to understand and decide when to buy each of them.



MAC-10 features in CS:GO
MAC-10 – The price is only 1050$. The snipers’ choice for anti-eco rounds in order to collect money for AWP (best skins you can find in the random AWP case). The player with the MAC-10 is mobile, but the armor penetration of the weapon is extremely weak. Thereby, it is bad on full buy rounds.


MP9 features in CS:GO
MP9 – is an equivalent for CT of the Terrorist’s MAC–10, but with a little difference: this gun holds the first place among other SMGs for its long range of fire. It is ideal to restrain a rush from a long distance.


MP7 features in CS:GO
MP7 – This SMG is placed quite close to the machine guns. It has good damage figures, range of fire and armor penetration rates.
If you are confident in yourself, you can play the buy round with MP7 in order to purchase of the full set of grenades and a diffuse kit on saved money. A good choice for a support.


P90 features in CS:GO
P90 – a legendary weapon. You can purchase it on anti-eco rounds, and keep up to the end of the game. Of course, the best thing with the “Cockney” is to stop the rush in a close range. This is facilitated by the considerable quantity of ammunition in the magazine and the high rate of fire.
P90 is less effective in the attacks and for the drops due to its close-ranged damage area. Can safely claim to be the best submachine gun in the game.
Connoisseurs of this gun can get it from a special series – Hen house!

PP-19 Bizon

PP-19 Bizon features in CS:GO
PP-19 Bizon – It has the smallest damage range among all other SMGs. Extremely low damage, practically has no armor piercing ability, bad rate of fire, the price is quite expensive. The only one advantage is the size of the magazine which holds 64 rounds.
Bizon is solely good when stopping rush in a close-range when the Terrorists are unarmored. If the attack is carried out on another plant, it won’t be easy to knock it out.Unfortunately, the Russian submachine gun is the worst choice.


UMP-45 features in CS:GO
UMP-45 – has the biggest damage among SMGs as well as a good armor piercing ability. Its additional advantage is the low cost. An excellent submachine gun that can be used on buy rounds. Small magazine and low accuracy are its disadvantages.
UMP-45 is available for either sides: CT and T. It makes a sense to buy this weapon and train shooting only with it. Surely, UMP-45 is the best and the most optimal option as a submachine gun in CS:GO.

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