Secrets of CS:GO stickers

Secrets of CS:GO stickers

CS:GO has much to offer in terms of secrets. However, CS:GO stickers are especially noteworthy. Each sticker in this article is much more than just a sticker!


Secret of “Don’t Worry, I’m Pro” sticker

Whenever “Don’t Worry, I’m Prosticker is erased, you can see a smile right in the middle. At the same time the inscription itself is seen clearly. It is a certain way to mock a killed rival and show who’s the boss!

Secret of Don’t Worry, I’m Pro sticker

Secret of “Knife Club” sticker

CS:GO also offers references to the cinema. After the “Knife Club” sticker is erased you can see the following inscription: “Do not talk about knife club!!!“. It is a reference to the Fight Club movie, where the first rule is Do not talk about fight club!

Secret of Knife Club sticker

Secret of “T-Rekt” sticker

If you erase the “T-Rekt” sticker to the last layer you can see an inscription with the name of the sticker itself: “T-Rekt”.
Many players say: “A dinosaur looks better than this lame inscription!”. But let’s clear out what it means.
“Rekt” is reduced verb “wrecked”. Adjunct “T” most certainly points its belonging to “Terrorists”. Thus, having put the T-Rekt sticker and having erased it to the last layer you will see an awesome inscription Terrorist wrecked. Naturally the best guns for this sticker would be guns available only for Counter Terrorists (USP-S, M4A1-S, etc.).

Secret of T-Rekt sticker

Secret of “Welcome to the Clutch” sticker

After erasing the “Welcome to the Clutch” sticker to the last layer, an inscription Welcome to Hell appears. And the colorful shape of the sticker turns into four multicolored skulls.
If you dig deeper you’ll see that it is a reference to Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, War, Death and Famine.

Secret of Welcome to the Clutch sticker

Secret of “Queen of Pain” sticker

After erasing the “Queen of Pain” sticker to the last layer, an inscription “You, Suffer Fool ♥” appears. It is a reference to the Queen of Pain character from Dota2, who sometimes says “I do suffer fools” when killing somebody. The name of the sticker speaks for itself.
It is another good sticker to brag in front of the defeated rival.

Secret of Queen of Pain sticker

Secret of “CS on the Mind” sticker

It is a sticker with an image of a brain. After erasing the “CS on the Mind” sticker to the last layer, you will see letters CS made from curves.
The name of the sticker and its style denote that the creator comes up with an interesting idea: CS is players’ favourite game and it takes a special place in their lives.

Secret of CS on the Mind sticker

This is all the secrets of the CS:GO stickers in the game! You can get a bunch of other cool stickers from the capsule Random sticker.

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