Secret cases on Cases4Real

Secret cases on Cases4Real

Secret cases – Opening cases on Cases4Real you raise your rank, which makes it possible to open this unique cases!


About Secret cases

Secret cases

They are remarkable for an increased chance of cool skins drop. The chance is so great that we had to limit the number of daily openings of each сase.

Secret cases skins

However, increasing your rank on our site you get the opportunity to open better cases and enhance the number of available openings per day!

Types of Secret cases

Detailed information on the required ranks and the number of daily openings is available in the description of each case.

Rookie case on Cases4Real




Experienced case on Cases4Real




Maniac case on Cases4Real




Cybergamer case on Cases4Real




Cheater's case on Cases4Real

Cheater’s case



Gaben case on Cases4Real




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