Defender and Support

Roles in CS:GO: Defender and Support

There are different roles in CS:GO, but today we gonna tell you about two roles: defender, support. Let’s handle first which role suits you better.


Defender role in CS:GO

Defender in CS:GO

If you’re calm and persevering – the role of the defender is good enough for you.

By the reason that the defender should hold his position as long as possible. Even though your teammates call out for urgent help as they are getting attacked on the other plant.
You have to stay calm and confident and wait for a lurker at your position because all that could be fake.

The maximum you can do is to change your position. For example, you can change B apartments for SHORT. You can do a fast position change in case there is a bomb on radar.Or when you 3×5 – you can risk and try to guess where the attack would be. Here comes a possibility when three of you can take the terrorist attack on plant.

Also the defender should have a good aim from any type of weapon. If counter-terorrist dies without any frag – it means the defender is terrible!

Support role in CS:GO

Support in CS:GO

Support should be someone who can’t sit still. Player should always be on time for help. For example, defender tells that he can’t hear anyone nor in Pit, nor in Palace The support should start accurately move all over the map.

It’s better for him to play more aggressively and move more actively around the map than the defender, as he tries to collect all the data about the enemy. Usually the most experienced players are the best supports, for they have enough experience to understand the actions of the rivals and predict the further development.

Support and defender should counteract with each other.

They should trust each other and lean on each other for support. That’s why you should try to stay at one position (in one plant) in all maps. Especially on the most popular, for example Dust2, skins which can be obtained in the Dust2 collection case.

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