Red skins in CS:GO, or let's collect red set!

Red skins in CS:GO, or let’s collect red set!

Do you like red skins in CS:GO? We’ve picked up nice collection of red skins (or almost red) to each type of weapon. Choose the one you need or take all of them!



All red-coloured pistol skins.

Slot №1


Glock-18 Candy apple
Glock-18 Candy Apple – Nice skin with a fair price. Average price is about $0.33
Glock-18 Water Elemental
Glock-18 Water Elemental – Perfect skin with the image of a creature made of water. Average price is about $4

You can get one of these Glocks in a special Random Glock-18 case.


USP-S Kill Confirmed
USP-S Kill Confirmed – Have topping image for starting USP. Bright-red color surely will touch your feelings. Market price is about $30
USP-S Cyrex
USP-S Cyrex – Perfect, modest, deathful. You won’t slide into debt hole with it, cause the price is only $2.50

You can get these beauties in Random USP-S case.


P2000 Imperial
P2000 Imperial – Awesome and cheap at the same time! It is painted with red and yellow metallics.If you choose it – goes for a song, only $0.30 for a good item!
P2000 Imperial Dragon
P2000 Imperial Dragon – Hot skin with the image of a dragon, made vewy qualitatively. The price for it is only $2!


Slot №2

Dual Berettas

Dual Berettas Hemoglobin
Dual Berettas Hemoglobin – Is a pretty good skin made nicely uncluttered. For $1.20 you get red abstract hydrographic image over a metallic base coat.


Slot №3


P250 Muertos
P250 Muertos – You can call it really bloody, by this we mean P250 | Muertos! It’s not much pricey – just $3 and it’s yours.
P250 Hive
P250 Hive – Got a red-cinnamonic colour with red-cinnamonic painting. We think it’s a nice combination for only $1!
P250 Crimson Kimono
P250 Crimson Kimono – Painted with a red hydrographic in a geometric motif, goes in a market for $0.30


Slot №4


Five-Seven Candy Apple
Five-Seven Candy Apple – Is just a classic! It has got black lower part and red top, but the price of $10 makes you to think twice before you pay.
Five-Seven Urban Hazard
Five-Seven Urban Hazard – Has been painted with urban camo and red accents. Wel,l the price is just quick-and-dirty – $0.40


CZ75-Auto Red Astor
CZ75-Auto Red Astor – Has really nice red and white metallic painting. You’d really like this one if you’re a fan of snap shooting. It goes for a fair price of $1
CZ75-Auto Crimson Web
CZ75-Auto Crimson Web – You know what is the weapon of real killer? What could be a better and classic combination than the mix of black and red? The price for it won’t hit you in the pocket – you gonna pay for it $0.50. But if you wanna aim higher and buy Factory New – be ready to pay more – about $15


Tec-9 Isaac
Tec-9 Isaac – Was made for the fans of Cubism. It is about clean black lines on black background. For that you should pay around $0.50, by the way.


Slot №5

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle Sunset storm
Desert Eagle Sunset storm – Artillery arm with awesome aquaprint. This item won’t go unnoticed. The price for it is around $10
Desert Eagle Crimson Web
Desert Eagle Crimson Web – It has spider web-patterned hydrographic over a red base coat and finished with a semi-gloss topcoat. The price for this item may vary from $1 to $50

These skins can easily be obtained from Random Desert Eagle case.

R8 Revolver

R8 Revolver Crimson Web
R8 Revolver Crimson Web – If you ask what i can really call with the name of “Bloody Mary” than it would be R8 Revolver Crimson Web. Skin makes it clear that you’d better not mess with its owner. For factory new you’d spend about $3.50



All heavy guns skins with red color pattern.

Slot №1


Nova Koi
Nova Koi – Made with handmade painting and really nice red and white combination. Just pay $0.40 and it’s yours.
Nova Bloomstick
Nova Bloomstick – Is a handmade cherry-colored painting with nice bright design. If you want it – be ready to pay $3 for the pleasure of having it.
Nova Candy Apple
Nova Candy Apple – Is really cheap, but still very decent. Your enemy won’t ever forget he has been killed with this one. The price is really funny – $0.06


Slot №2


XM1014 Fallout Warning
XM1014 Fallout Warning – Classic that we’ve already mentioned earlier. Hard-baked shotgun for the Stalker’s fans. Price is $2
XM1014 Red Leather
XM1014 Red Leather – Its description says itself. You’d like mate colour of red skin. This stylish guy gonna cost you about $4
XM1014 Tranquility
XM1014 Tranquility – Pretty good skin in reddish colors with the image of a woman on it. The price is $3


Slot №3


Sawed-Off Full Stop
Sawed-Off Full Stop – Dark, cruel and cheap at the same time. Still a good choice for $0.20


MAG-7 Heat
MAG-7 Heat – This is a hot guy! Looks like it’s been in hot stove. Take it, while you can – only for $0.30


Slot №4


M249 System Lock
M249 System Lock – This is a real killing machine with appropriate design. Your enemy won’t ever forget this bright deathful colour. The price is really low – just $0.15


Slot №5


Negev CaliCamo
Negev CaliCamo – This one is probably the best item of our Red set. Are you ready to set the real fire? You need to pay just $1.50 for a monster-machine!



All submachine guns skins represented in red design.

Slot №1


MAC-10 Candy Apple
MAC-10 Candy Apple – Bright and cheap skin. Only $0.07 and it’s yours!
MAC-10 Tatter
MAC-10 Tatter – Will cost you about $0.70 It’s got calm colours with conservative red spraying.
MAC-10 Carnivore
MAC-10 Carnivore – Was painted using a red and purple print which looks like lava. The price of it is really low, still it looks decent – only $0.12


MP9 Ruby Poison Dart
MP9 Ruby Poison Dart – Its red and purple metallic painting attracts attention. We can call it as a prominent representative of its class, which will cost you $0.50
MP9 Setting Sun
MP9 Setting Sun – If you’re a fan of bright colours, than you’d probably like MP9 Setting Sun. It has got showy skin with nuclear hazards symbols and goes for about $0.70
MP9 Hot Rod
MP9 Hot Rod – Just no comments! Explosive bright colours with awesome red anodized effect paint. Pay $9 and take it!


Slot №2


MP7 Bloodsport
MP7 Bloodsport – For the sake of the famous skin will have to fork out an average of $9.50
MP7 Full Stop
MP7 Full Stop – Painted with VariCamo pattern and gonna cost you about $0.80


Slot №3


UMP-45 Fallout Warning
UMP-45 Fallout Warning – Sad and severe UMP-45 Fallout Warning gonna suit your taste if you’re a fan of postapocalypse. It’ll also hit your pocket for $2


Slot №4


P90 Cold Blooded
P90 Cold Blooded – Is about dying red colour with laser engraving. What else do you need? Well, you need just $7


Slot №5


PP-Bizon Antique
PP-Bizon Antique – Is not really typical for our “Red list”, but still it looks good here. The price is $0.80
PP-Bizon - High Roller
PP-Bizon High Roller – Here is a skin with fantastic cover depicting “Royal Flush”.There are casino chips on the gun magazine which add certain charm. Average price is $6.



All riflres skins with red pattern design.

Slot №1


FAMAS Valence
FAMAS Valence – Has been made with hi-tech style. Price is really nice – $1
FAMAS Survivor Z
FAMAS Survivor Z – Its writes itself. By looking at the skin, you may think it’s been in hell. Only $0.25 and it’s yours.
FAMAS Styx Bones
FAMAS Styx Bones – Skull, bones, red-coloured pieces what else do you need? Good option for $1.30
FAMAS Roll Cage
FAMAS Roll Cage – A combination of black, red and white colours. But the price can stop you for choosing it, cause it’s about $5

You can knock out any of these weapon in a cool case Random FAMAS.

Galil AR

Galil AR Firefight
Galil AR Firefight – Decent option with restrained colors. Cheap and easy – just for $0.60

Get it, as well as other Galil, you can open the case Random Galil AR.

Slot №2


M4A1-S Blood Tiger
M4A1-S Blood Tiger – It’s a dark skin with red spattering. $1.60 for this skin won’t drain your purse.
M4A1-S Cyrex
M4A1-S Cyrex – I bet you know this skin! You won’t be apathetic for that Hi-tech painting, but be ready to pay $9
M4A1-S Hot Rod
M4A1-S Hot Rod – This is about style, lust and abuse! Everyone would be jealous. Be ready to pay value price of $75
M4A1-S Chantico’s fire
M4A1-S Chantico’s fire – Is a good option for the average price category. For $16 you are getting pretty one!

Any of these powerful M can be knocked out of the case Random M4A1-S.


M4A4 Hellfire
M4A4 Hellfire – This is hot one! Your enemy won’t forget it! Prepare your $10 and take it!
M4A4 Evil Daimyo
M4A4 Evil Daimyo – This is popular one. Black painting, red painting – nothing more. The price is pretty fair – just $2
M4A4 Bullet Rain
M4A4 Bullet Rain – This skin is made for standout enthusiast. Price for this guy is about $10.
M4A4 Radiation Hazard
M4A4 Radiation Hazard – Is a tough classic. For this one you should pay a lot. $135 if you want to get “Factory new”.
M4A4 Howl
M4A4 Howl – This guy is pretty famous. You probably heard about the scandal concerned with it. Price of the item ($1000) gonna make you eat bag lunch for a whole month!

Opening case Random M4A4 you can get the best M4A4, including the above mentioned Howl.


AK-47 Red Laminate
AK-47 Red Laminate – Have more juicy colors with wooden elements than the standard AK-47 model. This item gonna cost you $11
AK-47 Orbit Mk01
AK-47 Orbit Mk01 – Is a gift from operation “Hydra”. Toneless red colour for real culture vulture. The price for it is about $7
AK-47 Bloodsport
AK-47 Bloodsport – Are you ready to tame this brassy wanker? $50 to pay and your opponent will get to know what “Bloody sport” means.
AK-47 Point Disarray
AK-47 Point Disarray – For $15 you are getting nice skin with geometrical design.
AK-47 Redline
AK-47 Redline – Is a well-liked skin. The painting has been made with red thick lines on a black ground. It could be more awesome with some stickers on it! For this one you pay $8

From case Random AK-47 absolutely everyone will be able to take one of the AK.

Slot №3


SSG-08 Dragonfire
SSG-08 Dragonfire – Is a pretty good skin with awesome hydrographic. Monstrous dragon is ready to recompense the enemy for his misdeeds. The price for it is about $17


Slot №4


AUG Syd Mead
AUG Syd Mead – Had been made with urban and modern skin design. Just pay $3 and play!
AUG Radiation Hazard
AUG Radiation Hazard – Is a well-known item. This model is full of severness. Goes for $0.25
AUG Hot Rod
AUG Hot Rod – Ballsy. Awesome. Cool. Red. $75


SG-553 Fallout Warning
SG-553 Fallout Warning – Are you ready to pop a radioactive cap into your opponent? This pleasure gonna cost you a dime a dozen – $0.20
SG-553 Cyrex
SG-553 Cyrex – Pay $3 and punish your opponent with this nice skin.


Slot №5


AWP Redline
AWP Redline – Has been painted using a carbon fiber hydrographic and a dry-transfer decal of a red pinstripe. Price for it – $18

Get the most lethal gun in CS:GO by opening the case Random AWP.

Slot №6


SCAR-20 Cyrex – Decent option with red insertions. Pay $4 for this one.
SCAR-20 Crimson Web
SCAR-20 Crimson Web – Its name writes itself (that your opponent won’t be lucky). Pretty good skin for $0.80
SCAR-20 Bloodsport
SCAR-20 Bloodsport – Its wild colors calls for attention. Really powerful weapon with really nice price of $2


G3SG1 The Executioner
G3SG1 The Executioner – Horrible painting with bones image. This design gonna instill terror in the heart of the enemy. Be ready to pay up (about $1.50).


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