Profile Ranks in CS:GO

Profile Ranks in CS:GO

Profile Ranks in CS:GO is a personal rank system for each player. By leveling up you can upgrade your rank and get extra bonuses.


What is a profile rank in CS:GO?

Operation Bloodhound logotypeBloodhound operation started in CS:GO on 26 May 2015 and profile ranks were added.
Profile ranks are decorations for level ups.
Playing on official servers you gain experience that upgrades your level. A new rank is given after each level up. Maximum profile rank can be achieved at level 40.
CS:GO user profile


How to level up in CS:GO?

Every player gains experience playing CS:GO on official servers (servers created by game developers and not by players). It takes 5000 experience points to level up each rank.
Playing different game modes you earn different experience. However it takes 3 level ups (to get 3 ranks) for a game in classic competitive mode.

How to level up faster?

Weekly experience bonus upgrades every Wednesday. Having wasted the week’s supply you get only basic experience points.
Also in the end of rounds experience is multiplied by a certain index of each game mode. Index is multiplied by a number of won rounds only in classic competitive mode.

Level up in CS:GO

Game modeMultiplier
Arms Race1.0*points
Classic Casual4.0*points
Classic Competitive30*won rounds

The most beneficial modes for level ups are Classic Casual mode and Classic Competitive mode. If you quit the game during the match, experience is not calculated.
Extra experience can be gained by participating in Overwatch and confirming the guilt of a suspected player.
Thus participation in weekly Overwatch with extra week’s experience and Competitive and Casual modes can help to upgrade profile rank fast.

What types of profile ranks exist in CS:GO?

Currently in CS:GO 40 profile rangs.
First 20 profile ranks in CS:GO:

First 20 profile ranks in CS:GO
Ranks from 21 to 35:

CS:GO profile ranks from 21 to 35
Ranks from 36 to 40:

CS:GO profile ranks from 36 to 40

What’s the benefit of rank level up in CS:GO?

You can get extra bonuses upgrading your level and profile rank:

Skins and graffiti for level ups

By upgrading your level once a week a graffiti or a skin from recent collections is guaranteed. You can get any rare skin, even AWP | Dragon Lore. Most daring can try to get Lore in two cool cases – Random AWP or All in.
The counter is reset to zero on Wednesday.

AWP Medusa for level up

Service Medals

Having achieved rank 40 you can get a unique Service Medal.
Each kind of medal is unique for each year. Leveling up to rank 40 several times a year you can upgrade medal up to a more attractive one.
Unfortunately medals for previous years are unachievable.

Service Medals 2016 in CS:GO

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