Power cases on Cases4Real

Power cases on Cases4Real

Power cases is a line of cases which open absolutely free! Mine charges and get a cool gun!

Includes 3 power cases:


Homecoming case

Come to the site every day and get a free charge for the case!

Open Homecoming case

For every three charges received, the level of your case will increase until it reaches the fourth level, the highest one. Opening of this case is absolutely free!

Skins in Homecoming case

Homecoming case on Cases4RealHomecoming case – There is only one condition, the replenishment of the balance for a certain amount, namely:

  • 1 level – $1;
  • 2 level – $3;
  • 3 level – $7;
  • 4 level – $17.

This amount you can spend on opening of other cases, and Homecoming case you can open for free!

The higher the level of the Case is, the better items it contains. For more information about items in the Case you can open its page and go on the «Items in Case» tab after having selected one of the four levels.

Important! Opening of the Case “Homecoming” completely zeroes its charges, as well as the counter of the replenishment for the last 30 days. The level of the Case itself can not be lowered.


New hope case

Have not been so lucky? Now this is not a problem! Collect the charges of the case A New Hope!

Open New Hope case

Each opened Case which cost has not been recovered will increase the lever of that Case.

Skins in New Hope case

New hope case on Cases4RealNew hope case – The higher you raise the level of the case, the cooler the drop is! The case is absolutely free and does not require anything except the charges to open it. Opening of the New Hope is possible at any time after achieving the 1 level of the case.

For more information about the items in a case, please, open its page on the block “Items in case” selecting one of nine levels.

Important! Opening the case A New Hope completely resets all accumulated charges! This is the only possible way of lowering the level of the case.


Jokes on you case

Joker on Cases4RealBy opening the cases on the site with a low probability you can get a special item – “Joker“.

Depending on the opened case he will add from one to twelve charges of the case “Jokes on You”.

Open Jokes on you case

By accumulating charges from the “Jokers” you will raise the level of the case until you reach the maximum fifth level.

Jokes on you case on Cases4RealJokes on you case – The opening of “Jokes on you” is completely free and is possible after obtaining of the 1 level of the case. The hidden items will please even the most experienced Counter-Strike player!

Skins in Jokes on you case

For more information about items in the Case you can open its page and go on the «Items in Case» tab after having selected one of the five levels.

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