Monster cases on Cases4Real

Monster cases on Cases4Real

Monster cases – It is an exclusive line that was specially made for Cases4Real.


What is Monster cases?

By opening monster cases you get several different category skins at the same time. Each monster case have its unique categories with awesome skins.

Skins in monster case

When you open Monster cases you are getting skins from different categories at the same time. You get more than Gaben has!

For full description go to ‘Items in the case’ on the Monster case page.

Pay attention for the new rate system! Compete with other players in the amount of items you get in Monster cases. Defeat the Monster and take over their skins!

Monster of the day

Monster cases includes 5 cases:

Rat monster case

Rat monster case on Cases4RealRat monster case – Is the cheapest case among all Monster cases. For ~$0.37 you are getting 9 cool random skins from all three categories. You can get your drops in Steam, but you can’t sell it on the site. It is possible that Rat case won’t be available at the exact moment on the site (as it has unbelievable chances for a great drop) – so time from time you can meet this situation.

You can find out the moment when it’s available with our post on Facebook or meeting it by yourself.

Cobra monster case

Cobra monster case on Cases4RealCobra monster case – Was made for the ones who wants to get all at once. For some money (such as ~$5.07) you’re getting skins from 3 random categories. It includes 3 unique categories such as “Con or Knife” where you can get either knife or consumer grade item. Also there are categories depends on skin color and quality. There is an opportunity to get famous “Howl” from few different categories.

Scorpions monster case

Scorpions monster case on Cases4RealScorpions monster case – Similar to Cobra case and has the same ~$5.07 price. You can also get here 9 skins from 3 different categories, which are represented by different collections: 2 by colors and 2 by unique characteristics that were specially made for the Scorpion case.

Cthulhu monster case

Cthulhu monster case on Cases4RealCthulhu monster case – Differs from 3 previous ones as he gives you 15 (OMG!) skins from 3 categories. For ~$16.89 you can become an owner of 15 truly valuable skins from 3 categories. This case also represented with different categories such as: weapon rarity, weapon type, and a few special categories. such as “Gaben” which can give you Sacred and Knife drops.

Ragnarok monster case

Ragnarok monster case on Cases4RealRagnarok monster case – Is the most wealthy case from all Monster cases. For ~$50.67 you get 25 (yes, it is true) skins from 5 categories each of that is made especially for that case. This case has the best chances for the exclusive drop and offers you the most expensive CS:GO skins.

Vampire monster case

Vampire monster caseVampire monster case – Can you crush a monstrous vampire? Hurry up and gather all his coolest skins! 9 awesome guns at once: 3 guns from 3 terrifying categories for ~10$. Stop the army of darkness with our top skins! Remember to take an aspen stake.
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