Kitten cases on Cases4Real

Kitten cases on Cases4Real

Everyone love cats! So what about nice and cool kitten cases with awesome skins? We are 100 % sure that all cats love boxes! The bigger box, the happier kitten. Be like this cute kitten and choose the box with meow-awesome drop!

For today you can find 4 mrrr-awesome cases:



Meow-case on Cases4RealMeow-case – We know that big box can bring more happiness, cause you can put lots of great skins in there. Each whiskered terrorist will choose for himself a bigger box! For ~$0.84 you can easily open this box. Meow!

[email protected]$#%!-case

X@$#%!-case on Cases4Real[email protected]$#%!-case – Racoons? Really? If you sure that racoons are better than cats choose this case. This little lousy guy have mixed in with the kittens and planning to enjoy this action! Well, but we couldn’t understand what he is saying to us! But for ~$1.69 he gives you his box and lets you open it!


Mrrr-meow-case on Cases4RealMrrr-meow-case – If you loves hearing not only “Mrrr“, but also “Meow” – this box was made for you. Just for ~$2.53 you can delight yourself with this awesome cat sounds and cool skins!


Mrr-meow-frr-case on Cases4RealMrr-meow-frr-case – It’s not just a simple box, it is a huge cat residence with lots of outstanding skins. Just don’t tell your cat that it costs only ~$5.07! (by the way it is 12 pockets with Whiskas) Or later you’re gonna put on wet slippers!
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