Interview with Cases4Real YouTube-marketer

Interview with Cases4Real YouTube-marketer

Are you ready to discover who stands behind Cases4Real and YouTubers partnership?

-Hello! Introduce yourself, please!
-Hi! My name is Vasiliy Vasilchencko, I’m YouTube-marketer in Cases4Real. My job description is to look for YouTube bloggers and order videos about our sites.

-Tell us how did you get into Cases4Real?
-I’ve always thought that future belongs to marketing. It’s very popular job for very wide range of activities and spheres nowadays. Moreover I’m a big fan of YouTube and PC games, too. That’s the reason I’ve started my career in Cases4Real enthusiastically. Here I got a great opportunity to work with everything I enjoy: YouTube, games, marketing. Furthermore, I’ve learnt a lot here and what’s more – Cases4Real team is the best!

-Why have you decided to work with blogger not with someone/something else?
-YouTube — is my long-standing passion. I watch it all nights, all weekends, during holidays and vacations. It’s kinda replaced TV for me. And it’s been for many years. Fairly admit I tried to run a channel more than a few times. That’s the reason I’m very interested to cooperate with bloggers and get to know a lot of useful and interesting things from them. Moreover, I’m helping them to make true their ideas and thoughts.

-You said that you spending enough time with YouTube. Tell us what’s your favorite channels?
-Well, there is a lot of them. If pointing to russian bloggers I’d mention Druzhko Show, Snailkick (#BNB), Usachev Today, Michael Kshishtovskiy, Nenovosti,Alina Gingertail. For international I’d like to watch PewDiePie, Smosh, Mystery Guitar Man, Wheezy Waiter, Peter Hollens — that’s just a few examples. In very deed there are so many interesting channels. But it’s not possible to mention and even more, watch all of them. I’m subscribed only on 63 channels.

-You’ve also mentioned that you love games. What’d you like to play when you have free time?
-Well, I’m playing since childhood. One of my first game was Prince of Persia, than I was spending hours by playing Gruntz, LBA 1-2, Civilization 2, WarCraft 2 and many others.
Now I’m playing World of Warcraft and Dungeons 2 on PC, with friends in CS:GO and GRID: Autosport. But mostly I’m playing console games such as Forza Horizon (Xbox), Uncharted (PS), Rabbids (Wii).
Generally, I think that each gaming platform deserves its attention. I can also mention my favorites as like Sunset Overdrive, Driver: San Francisco, Splinter Cell, Bioshock, Lego: Dimensions. This list can be continued for eternity. Let’s just say – I love games!

-Let’s talk about cases. It is said in Internet that this kind of videos are mostly boosted. What do you think?
-It’s true that you may find that kind of comments under so many videos. But it happens only if blogger is requited. But if blogger goes into the red, they blaming us that we are showing trash. My point of view is that the one who acts aggressively will always find the thing/someone to blame. But I’m telling you the same thing that I’m telling bloggers too – chances are equal for everyone and we don’t change the rules for anyone.

-Have you met popular bloggers in Cases4Real office?
-Well, yeah! We’ve met MrObzorka, he also took part in our stream. There also (not so lately) was Pozzi! And I’m pretty sure, it’s only a beginning. We are always welcome guest from YouTube in our office and also in our streams!

Pozzi and Vasiliy Vasilchencko

On photos: YouTube-blogger Pozzi and V.Vasilchenko
-Thanks for your time!
-Thanks for the interview! Catch you on YouTube! Bye!

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