Cases4Real SMM-manager

Interview with Cases4Real SMM-manager

We’ve met with Kate, Cases4Real SMM-manager, to ask her a few question about her experience and job in Cases4Real team.

-Hi, Kate! Tell us your story, how did you become a part of awesome Cases4Real team? What is your experience? What are your feelings now and then?

-Hi, guys! Well, frankly, it is coming up a year since I working here. It was in November 2016, when one of my friend from game design course showed me this opportunity (a content manager vacancy). Honestly, I haven’t heard anything about Cases4Real, but made a decision to send my CV there.

-After some time I was invited in old office (then still). I remember my first meeting with Dima (one of the founders of the project). He asked me if I like “Game of Thrones” and when I answered negatively, I realized it was a mistake -_- But, for the record, I passed the interview, luckily! By the way, I’m watching “Game of Thrones” with pleasure, nowadays!

-I was working permalance for a long time, as I was graduating. But since June I’m working full day in our new comfortable and cozy office in Moscow city center. And now that I’m there, I start my working day with green tea, banana and memes.

-Kate, tell us more about your responsibilities? Do you have any big projects now?

-Well, as my job called – content manager, I’m managing social media and organizing live streams with Vasya (he’s our YouTube manager). Also I’m responsible for Cases4Real tournaments. I think, social media is awesome thing, as you’re always up-to-date with new trends and hype news. It gives you an possibility to communicate with our users and players. Talking about Streams, they’ve appeared spontaneously, but now we see them as not just a simple live streams – it’s a lot bigger, it’s an opportunity to talk with our audience, this let us know what are they looking for, hear them and work on something new. I’m also planning to have my own studio, in the nearest future, I hope =).

Cases4Real streamers team

Cases4Real streamers team

-By the way, we may need this studio for our tournaments. Now we are waiting for September and October Tournaments, and soon the real League with the winner who will become our partner.

-We were watching your streams and we can safely say that you’re good at games.It’s no doubt that you’re up to date with game trends and etc. Could you share with us what games do you like? Do you have any favorites?

-Well, I’d say I’m a bit of outsider. Actually, my passion for games has started with Heroes of Might and Magic, at the age of 8. About 4 years ago I was playing tanks, but somehow I heard about cybersport and have decided to get into it. Nowadays, I spend some time testing new games, or buying some collection games (which by the may I may unpack long time after), or I can play Dota for a couple of hours.

-Just for the record, my younger sister set me up with CS:GO. She’s real profi! When I want to settle the issue, we’re playing one-one-on with AWP. Well, to be honest, I usually lose.

-We think you’re a real dream of each guy – a girl who playing CS:GO! Maybe you’re tracking on some cybersport events?

-I don’t really think I’m a dreamgirl, as many girls playing games nowadays (or it’s their hobby). For instance, girls in our office =)

-Actually, I’m a frequent visitor of this kind of events. It’ll be the first time I gonna miss Igromir (I’ve visited it for the last 6 years). Speaking about cybersport events: I really enjoy the atmosphere, when you’re cheer for you favorite team (Go, Na’Vi!) with lots of other strangers (who are becoming your closest friends for a tournament time). So you’re welcome to join me on other tournaments!

Kate and Miracle (The International 2017 champion)

Kate and Miracle

-But typically. I’m discovering tournaments from economical side “Okay, here they’ve spent this amount, and the prize fund is that. What’s gonna be the benefit? What are the costs?” I do really hope that Cases4Real tournaments gonna hit off the gaming community! We’re not just a simple website, we are community, where our members are the same players (as outside our organization) with the goal of being better for the teammates, and by them, we mean YOU.

-Thank you for such a detailed and generous answer. And now, maybe you can tell us how to teach a girl play CS:GO?

-Ha-ha, this is a rough topic. I’d say you’d better not teach a girl anything. They’re just pretending they’re silly, but in real they’re already exploring all info to the core, and maybe later they will come for you for advice. And what would you say if your girlfriend gonna have a higher rank? Or maybe you could be jealous of some guy in voice-chat? And the main thing, is when she will be anxious for you (who won’t be not playing with her) each time you’re in Steam.

-So better give her chocolate or hamburger from McDonalds and enjoy your life at this happy moment!

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