Lida Head of SMM Cases4Real

Interview with Head of SMM Cases4Real

Have you enjoyed our previous interview with Cases4Real YouTube marketer? If so – let’s continue getting to know the ones who stands from the other side of the screen and who develops great products of Cases4Real. Lida – Cases4Real Head of SMM.

-Hello, Lida! As we know you are one of the cases4real old fellows. Tell us how’s it all started?
-Hey! Seems like am old fellow in deed, as in the end of June it’s been a year since I’m working for cases4real. I’ve moved to to my hometown friends (my hometown is the southern city of Russia – Rostov-on-Don) to Moscow. But it was distance work for the first time as there was no office space till the beginning of October. We have gathered a great team – so we worked together and had fun at the same time spending hours at work and enjoying it.

-What has changed since the moment you started to work there?
-Well, first, we moved to a bigger place. Secondly, our team got lots of new cool members. We also released plenty of new cases, particularly, our monster cases – which all we love, right?

On photo: Lida at the new office rooftop place

Lida in Cases4Real roof

-Okay, we’ve got one complicated question,too. What is the main criteria of successful marketing image from your point of view?
-Sure thing, it is a product. And its customers.

-What is the general cases4real mojo that differs your company from many other cases services and platforms?
-From my point of view, really say, we could have cooked a whole cake with our ‘flairs’ 🙂 first off all, we are cooking up cases that is actually interesting for the players and bring them benefits. I don’t fairly know any service that lets users withdraw drop with 25 skins at one time (for the one case opening!), and also having such exceptional mechanics as in our power cases.

-Could you share with us a little secret and name 3 major keys of Cases4Real success?
-Team. High-quality product. Our office coffee machine.

On photo: Lida and Vasya – main faces of Cases4Real steams.

Lida and Vasya Cases4Real

-I guess, now we know enough secrets of Cases4Real, so we can run our own business. Ha-ha, I’m joking. Thanks for the great time!
-Oh well, thanks for the interview 🙂

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