How to teach your girlfriend play CS:GO?

How to teach your girlfriend play CS:GO?

We guess most of you, guys, have ever wondered (at least once) how to teach your girlfriend play CS:GO? And if you’re among them, you should probably read it as this instruction is going to help you with this stiff task. And maybe one day it could bring her into the world of Counter-Strike!


Just try to drop a hint at playing together

We guess she witnessed you playing CS:GO lots of times so use these moments as triggers to involve her into the world of computer games, and CS:GO in particular.
Share your whole experience, show your emotions and tactically start to hint at how cool it could be to play together. Start small, build this way up. You can say that your friend’s girlfriend playing with him in CS:GO. And don’t forget to mention their sustainable relathionship and happy faces!
The main goal of this step is to show your girlfriend that CS:GO is not a ‘boy’s plays’, but an awesome way to spend fun time together. Show her it’s a cool opportunity to try something new and grow your relationship.

Waken her interest in CS:GO

After your inspiring story about spending more fun time together you should evoke greater interest and engagement in CS:GO by showing her cool skins (don’t forget her taste). Watch tournaments together, brag about your aces, don’t forget to do it in a playful mood. If you have a great sense of humor you are capable of make it easier and take down the walls between you, her and CS:GO. You can show her videos of bombastic plays and funny stuff.
This step is the one that should waken her interest in CS:GO – so try hard!

Make her feel comfortable

Her interest of playing together depends on your efforts. This is not only about your bright stories and funny videos, but also about of making her feel comfortable and involve her into the gaming process. You should understand – this all is on your shoulders. Buy her a game and install on her PC. If she’s pop off – tell her this one is for you, that you’re going to play from time to time. It goes without saying that you should set the comfortbale settings – set them right for her PC. If she has old PC/laptop – change it for better or upgrade it.
Don’t forget about the details! If you live separately – upload Skype or other program for voice communication. Buy her a headphones with mic. It helps you to avoid many problems and failures on your next step.

Offer her to play together

When the main work is done let’s move to the part when you have to make more clear steps. Now it’s a right time to offer her playing togerher. Even she’s going to be stubborn try to make her play one time. But be careful you should explain her all the details in CS:GO.
If you miss this part – you could fail everything, so show her how to shoot right, start with bots. Thus every effort should be made to ensure she doesn’t have any negative emotion. And do not forget about the beautiful skins!

Enjoy the results

Girl show two fingers

If you’ve done everything right, wait for the moment when you’re taking credit for your work. Now you should be proud of you work. Your girlfriend is playing CS:GO – cool, isn’t it? But if you couldn’t make it work – don’t be so cut up about it! Let’s count this try as the first step that could lead her to the world of CS:GO. Give her a little break and you can start of trying again. After the first try you have all your chances.

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