Hen house on Cases4Real

Hen house on Cases4Real

Hen house – is a case line with good drop and different price category. Everybody can find here a nice case for affordable price.

There is no doubt that luck would be on your side wif you decide to open any of these skins. It is a popular cases due to the low price and fine chances for a good drop. Don’t let the chickens conquer the world. Take away all the skins from them!
You can find 6 different cases in Hen house:


Fast chicken case

Fast chicken case on Cases4RealFast chicken – Is the cheapest case here, its price sounds really funny – just ~$0.27. Even so this case considers pretty good chances for getting expensive skins. It can be a nice way to spend your fund balances on site due to its low price.

Super chicken case

Super chicken case on Cases4RealSuper chicken – This case is the most stable option for Hen-house. You pay ~$0.81 and super chicken gives you fine skins. With this affordable price could be the best option for you.

Motley pullet case

Motley pullet case on Cases4RealMotley pullet – Motley pullet? Folk motifs? You must have heard about this famous chicken! She’s ready to give you “golden” skins just for ~$1.08. WIth this case you have good chances for getting cool skins.

Rooster the Great case

Rooster the Great case on Cases4RealRooster the Great – Is among the royals indeed. This case can surprise you with kingly drop and great chances for the drop you want. It is the most expensive cases in Hen-house. But the price of ~$1.62 isn’t going to break anybody, moreover it can impress you with royal skins.

Christmas turkey case

Christmas turkey caseChristmas turkey case – Get your Christmas turkey case now! It’s ~1.30$ only to get a handful of delicious chicken and bolster into the 2018 on a pile of brand new weapon skins. What are you waiting for? Dinner is served, hurry up before it gets cold!
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