CS:GO update: release notes for 8/07/2017

CS:GO update: release notes for 8/07/2017

CS:GO update: release notes for 8/07/2017. We keep noticing that there are a number of interesting updates keep implementing in CS:GO. After Major Valve have decided to gladden us not only with simple bug fixes, but also with major game modification. So let’s see what’s new have they brought!


Gameplay updates

  • There has been initial changes with TEC-9 that affected on its mobility. These changes were made to accent the distinctness of the weapons in game. The current changes include:
    1. Slightly improved shooting accuracy when taking a single shot;
    2. Significantly extended dispersion when firing rapidly;
    3. Magazine ammo lessen to 18, while reserve ammo reduced to 90.
  • Fixed notable bug with rising above their third-person head that is appearing when a player is in the air;
  • There is a landing sound appears after a player un-crouch while crouch-jumping;
  • Fixed sound bugs that were not broadcast when a player was occluded by a wall.


Linux updates

  • Reduced process load by cleaning up the way CS:GO launches.
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