CS:GO update on 11/28/2017

CS:GO update on 11/28/2017

After a long break is finally available CS:GO update on 11/28/2017. It contains fixed bugs in several categories.


Audio update

  • Improved 3D audio performance. Positional audio functions better when turning rapidly.


War Games updates

  • Players can choose from 3 maps in the end-of-match voting;
  • Special commands were added which control and setup the end of voting to ease the management of the community servers in the War Games mode.



  • Server HTTP log delivery will have correct time marks in the log folder;
  • Smoothed server work when adding new players;
  • Fixed accidental crashes on official servers;
  • Fixed the extra 3 seconds delay in GOTV in some cases;
  • Improved SSE4 in network string tables in order to lower the amount of server hitches when adding a new player;
  • Console output in the game server can now be saved with con_timestamp.


Trust Factor updates

  • Updated trust algorithm based on data and feedback;
  • In order to help us to improve the Trust Factor please send us emails to [email protected] with the subject “Trust Factor Feedback” and indicate your experience and Steam ID.

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