CS:GO update on 11/13/2017

CS:GO update on 11/13/2017

Here is the fresh CS:GO update on 11/13/2017. This time it deals with game modes and finishes Operation Hydra.


Operation Hydra


Gameplay updates

  • Operation Hydra modes Wingman and Flying Scoutman were added to available game modes.

Updates in Wingman mode:

  • Amended mode for better matchmaking;
  • Added ability to choose maps;
  • Added ability to create Lobbies for this game mode;
  • Arms Race mode and Demolition mode were moved to War Games (together with Flying Scoutman);
  • All War Games modes now have a limit of 12 players;
  • Adjusted head hitboxes for new models added in Dust 2.


Maps update

  • Updated list of maps is available in Classic Competitive mode: Mirage, Cache, Inferno, Overpass, Cobblestone, Train, Nuke, Dust II, Canals, Office and Agency.

Updated maps and map groups in Classic Competitive mode:

  • Dust 2;
  • Defusal Group Delta: Mirage, Austria, Inferno, Shipped, Cache;
  • Defusal Group Sigma: Cobblestone, Train, Overpass, Nuke, Canals;
  • Hostage Group: Agency, Insertion, Office, Italy, Assault.


Prime update

  • Prime account is now available as a default. Soon players with Prime status can choose to match using the previous system.

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