CS:GO update on 10/31/2017

CS:GO update on 10/31/2017

A fresh CS:GO update on 10/31/2017 contains Halloween mood and fixes several minor things.


Gameplay updates

  • Halloween holidays are added to the game.


Audio updates

  • Audio occlusion system will be activated for all players;
  • Stereo Headphones (HRTF) will be automatically activated for all players with the next game start.



  • Added new command for game servers sv_load_forced_client_names_file. When loading tournament servers with + sv_load_forced_client_names_file, the following key value file will be downloaded namesfile.txt, where clients’ names are depicted as players’ names:

“765611979849XXXX” “Official Player Name”
“765611979800YYYY” “Name of another player”


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