CS:GO update on 9/26/2017

CS:GO update on 9/26/2017

CS:GO Update on 9/26/2017 provides change of prices for R8 Revolver and Dual Berettas and fixes minor game bugs.


Gameplay update

  • Fixed bug when a smoke grenade could not douse flame of Molotov cocktail and wildfire;
  • Reduced height where smoke grenades bouncing from walls can douse flame;
  • Fixed bug when bullets didn’t hit players’ hands;
  • Revolver R8 price was reduced to $600, Dual Berettas price was reduced to $400.



  • Fixed absence of gloves at several user maps that missed equipment by default;
  • Added cl_crosshair_t option for T-junction;
  • Fixed StatTrak ™ music sets that didn’t show StatTrak ™ logo in player’s personal offers;
  • Fixed cases when several cheats were used on game servers;
  • Added option to purchase CS:GO outside CS:GO Launcher.
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