CS:GO update on 11/08/2017

CS:GO update on 11/08/2017

And here is the new CS:GO update on 11/08/2017. Changes were made to the new Dust 2 map along with fixing other bugs.


Dust 2 updates

  • The luminance of buildings and materials increased by 20% for better visibility;
  • Tarp model is fixed and gained missing textures;
  • Fixed bug when players behind the chain-link fences were not blinded with dazzle grenades;
  • Added edging to one of the windows where artifacts with shadows were seen;
  • Well-balanced firing through wooden doors;
  • Added map balance for machines firing;
  • Improved light when entering a CT base;
  • Smoothed patterns for middle distance blocks;
  • Improved models driven in in the ground;
  • Fixed text on map loading screen;
  • Fixed cover at B site where players’ feet could be seen.


Audio updates

  • HRTF and sound occlusion settings are gathered in “3D audio settings”. Settings can be disabled to avoid software problems;
  • Added a new command voice_player_volume to volume up players.

    Gameplay updates

  • “Halloween” mode is disabled.
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