CS:GO update on 10/24/2017

CS:GO update on 10/24/2017

Here is another CS:GO update on 10/24/2017. As usual it fixes bugs of the new Dust 2 and improves several minor issues.


Dust 2 updates

  • Improved performance on low-end and medium-end computers;
  • Removed shed and windows on Catwalk;
  • Shifted doorway at Short A for better maneuverability;
  • Fixed slit in Lower Tunnels boxes;
  • Removed window holes at Short A;
  • Removed corn sack at bombside A;
  • Fixed error appearing while receiving weapons at CT spawn;
  • Shifted windows and conduits at CT ramp and Short A;
  • Fixed multiple faults and holes in the map;
  • Corrected fade effects;
  • Enhanced light for many map windows;
  • Lowered noise and contrast for many objects;
  • Fixed wrong clipping on outside tunnels and dumpsters;
  • Improved visibility on the Pit;
  • Improved walls contrast in tunnels for better visibility;
  • Increased contrast for some surfaces on B bombside;
  • Update of radar gun in some locations;
  • Fixed deposition on the Pit;
  • Added firing grounds on some rooftops;
  • Removed excessive elements from Long position;
  • Improved stones disposition after grenade explosions;
  • Improved quality of car models;
  • Removed doors (Salon) for better visibility;
  • Corrected light at B bombside;
  • Fixed spot where players got stuck on the Pit site.


Audio updates

  • · Added a new model of audio occlusion (disabled by default). The new model imitates audio occlusion more naturally. Instead of adjusting the volume of sounds that are unavailable. The new model transforms sound in accordance with the properties of materials that absorb sound. It can be turned on with snd_occlusion 1;
  • Fixed bug with multiple repetition of the same sound in observing mode.



  • Server log dispatch via HTTP includes a new headline X-Server-Instance-Token, which will have a unique number derived from the command line of the server, account token and local IP-address.
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