CS:GO update on 12/19/2017

CS:GO update on 12/19/2017

Fresh CS:GO Update on 12/19/2017 is already there! There is a decent chunk of new content and bug fixes.


The Eleague Boston 2018 CS:GO Major Championshi

  • Steam Community Market and 50 piece mega bundle now content stickers and graffiti dedicated to the teams participating Boston 2018 as well as stickers, autographed by pro gamers. 50% of funds spent on that items goes to organisers and players of the Championship;
  • Stickers can be also used for Team Pick’Em challenge;
  • Preliminary Stage Picks can be placed now;
  • Group Stage Picks can be made after Preliminary Stage completed;
  • Playoff picks can be made after Group Stage completed.


Holiday Events

  • New Holiday Cheer available;
  • Gifts now available for the limited time so you can spread the Cheer.


Gameplay updates

  • Shotgun splash model replaced, it available for testing both offline and no community servers.



  • Fixed offline server hosting for War Game with Friends Need Invites settings;
  • Tournament server logs now have item pickup and drop events;
  • Non-ACSII control characters in player names will be sanitised;
  • Unlocalised sting in disconnect errors fixed;
  • Client-based crashes fixed;
  • Demoinfogo parser now supported for decoding (previously those caused invalid substring calculation code part to run).

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