CS:GO update on 10/18/2017

CS:GO update on 10/18/2017

And here is the long-awaited CS:GO update on 10/18/2017, that change the old Dust 2 into a brand new one! It also contains many significant game improvements.


Gameplay update

  • A new version of de_dust2 (Dust2) map is available;
  • Improved navigation system of de_nuke (Nuke) bots.


Audio updates

  • Added landing sounds for all basic types of surfaces;
  • Add unique sounds for picking up ammunition, grenades and guns;
  • Added unique sounds for shooting at barrels and cars;
  • Well-balanced music sets volume to match the game;
  • Improved HRTF resolving capacity and quality.



  • Capsules with “Perfect World Sticker Limited Time Offers” and “Graffiti Limited Time Offers” stickers are now available for all players;
  • Improved Autotronic knives: Gut Knife, Bayonet Knife and M9 Bayonet Knife;
  • Fixed bug when players were struck blind with Flash Grenade outside the map or the line of sight.
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