CS:GO update on 02/28/2018

CS:GO update on 02/28/2018

Brand new CS:GO update on 02/28/2018. It includes a handful of small bug fixes and several changes for Canals map.



  • Fix of snd_stream variable on Linux;
  • Tracing of bullets from first person view looks more realistic now;
  • Tracing for burst weapons (for example, Glock-18 – you can get yourself one from Random Glock-18 case), now calculated based on the trace of first bullet fired. Bug causing fail of tracing when sv_infinite_ammo 1 is active;
  • Weapon models now react realistically to recoil and hits. It can be turned off by viewmodel_recoil_scale 0 variable;
  • New cheat command added. When cl_crosshair_recoil enabled, crosshair starts to reflect weapon recoil;
  • Numerous fixes to improve stability and security;
  • Added pack of new addresses to store game recordings to provide more reliable service for match replays stored on Perfect World servers in China;
  • Integration of ingame state now includes vertical position of players. Works when allplayers_position is active;
  • When game is streamed for friends, more detailed info about the match available;
  • snd_stream load more effective now.


Maps update


  • Added cover in the back of A plant (near the store);
  • Level of water lowered for better visibility;
  • Tents removed, clip brushes calibrated for jumping\boosting;
  • Staircase in the yard was enlarged;
  • Fixed gap in one of the roofs accessible for grenades;
  • New stairs on left side of CT-bridge to add advantages for T players;
  • Other minor fixes across the map.

Stay tuned for more info on CS:GO Updates.

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