CS:GO update on 02/15/2018

CS:GO update on 02/15/2018

It’s news time again! New CS:GO update on 02/15/2018 is here. Guess what: Valve added a new case with the one.


New CS:GO case

  • New Clutch case contains 17 skins and 24 gloves;
  • Also contains a new capsule with 8 brand new stickers.



  • Fixed bug when Medi-Shots used;
  • Fixed bug with ammo count not resetting with usage certain items;
  • AK-47 Frontside Misty updated;
  • M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire updated.


Audio update

  • New variable snd_stream. Disables usage of cashed audio and starts usage of default audio from the hard drive.


Maps update


  • Stairs near B reworked;
  • A plant fixed exploits;
  • Numerous small fixes.

Stay tuned for more info on CS:GO Updates.

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