CS:GO update on 01/22/2018

CS:GO update on 01/22/2018

It’s time for a brand new CS:GO update on 01/22/2018! It’s mostly about the Boston Major like the previous one.


Boston Major 2018

  • Enabled bid feature so you can predict the winners for quarter finals, semi finals and Grand Finale of the tournament. You will earn points for every correct answer: from 7 points for quarter to 12 poins for Grand Finale. This feature will be shut down at 9.00 A.M. Eastern Time at Friday, 26 January before the first game starts. So please be ready and don’t miss out!



  • Fixed unlocalised string in GOTV interface. Now it working correctly, showing the amount of time-outs available for the team as well as overall number of time-outs.

Stay tuned for more info on CS:GO Updates.

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