Crew cases on Cases4Real

Crew cases on Cases4Real

Crew cases it is an awesome case line for cool guys! Embrace your emotions, dive into history and turn back time! Choose a pal for you and go to seek adventures!

Includes 3 cases with totally different prices. You can find the case you like for your own needs. Оbviously, the more expensive case you choose – the higher chance for awesome skin you get.


Cowboy case

Cowboy case on Cases4RealCowboy case – For ~$1.67 you get one random sticker from this sticker pack. It is a good chance to get a good one sticker with high quality!

Gangster case

Gangster case on Cases4RealGangster case – A member of Mafia who scrape up a fortune and today he’s ready to share it with you. For ~$84.45 he is ready to give you the most exclusive skins from his collection: outstanding knives, cool AWP and nice rifles.

Homie case

Homie case on Cases4RealHomie case – Is the youngest member of the Crew. But he is a tough guy so he is able to get for you the most expensive skins in the world! For ~$219.56 he is ready to hook up a nice pair of gloves for CS:GO. Need awesome gloves? Ask Homie!
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