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Cases4Real VIP club

Do you want to join Cases4Real VIP club? You just need to follow a few simple steps and you’re already there!

We’ve opened our VIP club exclusively for our fave users!


What are the VIP club privileges?

Cases4Real VIP club
We’ve opened VIP club for a special reason. We are giving 1st level of VIP status If you are our user and you are going to join our VIP club. But that’s not it, we also are going to give you 2 significant bonuses:

Hidden VIP cases

Special (hidden) case line that is made only for VIP users. By joining VIP club you’re taking a special opportunity to open 3 cases 2 times a day. The higher the price of the case, the greater the variance of winning (upward or downward).

VIP green case in Cases4Real
Green case.
Price: $1,7. Good case with small variance of winning.
Yellow VIP case in Cases4Real
Yellow case.
Price: $4.24. Awesome case with average variance of winning.
Red VIP case in Cases4Real
Red case.
Price: $8.48. This case was made for the skilled players. Here you can find very cheap and very expensive items at the same time. Open it carefully and softly! Do it on your own risk!

VIP support

VIP support in Cases4Real
By joining VIP club you’re getting an access to VIP support on our site.
We made a special support channel for VIP users with 1 minute response time. Here you can get a fast-track support: our support team is ready to solve all appeared troubles and problems.

How to join Cases4Real VIP club?

To become a VIP club user and get 1st privilege level you should follow 2 simple steps:

  1. Add to your Steam nickname;
  2. Login to Cases4Real with your Steam account.

Important note: If you change your Steam nickname, all your privileges will be removed for a week. The next verification of the nickname will be available after that period.

If all conditions are met, click on your profile picture and choose VIP club section.

Cases4Real VIP club in menu

After following 2 mentioned conditions above – press “VERIFY” button.

Cases4Real VIP club verefication

You are going to get a confirmation.

Cases4Real VIP club check complete

After that you are getting an access to privilege opportunities: hidden VIP cases and fast-track support.

Cases4Real VIP club privileges

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