VIP cases on Cases4Real

VIP cases on Cases4Real

VIP cases – It is a special case line available only for Cases4Real VIP users.

By joining VIP club you’re getting access to VIP cases in your profile menu.
It is important to mention that these cases have a limitation for everyday opening. The higher the price of the case, the greater the variance of winning (upward or downward).

There are 3 types of VIP cases:


Green case

VIP green case on Cases4RealGreen case – Includes a good drop at a reasonable price of about ~$1.7. This case would be an excellent option to discover how awesome VIP cases are.

Yellow case

Yellow VIP case on Cases4RealYellow case – It is middle level case with a good chance of getting an expensive skin, but with the same chance to get a cheap one. Here you can make jack or go bust! For about ~$4.24 you can spoil yourself with a good skin.

Red case

Red VIP case on Cases4RealRed case – The case with the largest spread of winning. Here you can find cheap and very expensive items at the same time. Be careful and open Red case on your own risk! This case with the price of ~$8.48 can bring you skins several times more expensive than your spend!
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