Cases4Real new interface

Cases4Real renewed interface

Have you already checked out Cases4Real brand-new website interface?

Now our website is modernized: it has become more user-friendly and functional.


“About” section

This section gives you information about Cases4Real project and its unique cases. Here you can find Contact information, Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, User Agreement.

Cases4Real about section

“Community” section

By clicking at Community section you’ll be direct to our Community (you are on this section now). Here you will find interesting articles, CS:GO guides and lots of other useful information. Also you can know more about Cases4Real team and get to know the ones who are standing from the other side of the screen (members of Cases4Real team). We also didn’t forget about new releases and fresh news (we all love new cases, right?), contests, skins giveaways and our branded CS:GO Сases4Real CUP.

Cases4Real Community

“Inventory” section

This section will open your inventory. Here you can decide your items fate and watch the history of your wins.

Cases4Real Inventory

“Help” section

This section was made to help you. Here you can find the answers for your questions and have technical and consultancy assistance in solving problems:
How to top up the balance on our site? Or.. How to get balance for free? Answers to these and other questions are provided here.

Cases4Real HELP section

User profile tabs

There also have been changes in user’s profile cabinet. Now, when you press on orange arrow or your profile image – you’re opening your personal profile tab with the following sections:

Cases4Rea; User Profile

  • Profile Tab – отправит вас на личную страницу вашего профиля, где вы можете посмотреть историю выбитых скинов, свой ранг и узнать защитный код.
  • Inventory Tab – аналогична разделу “Инвентарь”. Откроет окно с инвентарем и историей выбитых скинов.
  • Trade URL Tab – откроет окно, которое позволит сохранить свою ссылку на обмен, и расскажет как получить ее в Steam.
  • Sign Out Tab – позволит выйти со своего аккаунта на сайте.
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