Cases4Real referral system

Cases4Real referral system – make profit out of your friends

Everyone likes them a free case now and then, so we are proud to introduce you our brand new Cases4Real referral system. CS:GO is a multiplayer game after all, so why not invite your friend and get yourself a couple of freebies?

Here is the deal

Invite friends by your own referral link (you have to be logged in to access). For each new user registered by your link you will get following bonuses:

  • 0.15$ to your account;
  • 5% of all his account top-ups.

There is a several rules to be followed:

  • Referral system is only available for whose users, who has already deposited $1;
  • Your friend have to be a new user of Cases4Real;
  • He have to login using his Steam account;
  • He have to have a copy of CS:GO on his Steam account (online time 2 hours or more);
  • You can withdraw the funds collected by referring new friend only if your referral deposit at least $1.

That’s it! So yeah, more friends now equals more cases to open.

But what is there for my frinend?

What a nice caring friend you are! Of course, there is something for them as well. Everyone registered by your link will also get 0.35$ right off the bat. It’s a win-win!

Where can i find my link

Now let’s get to it! Log in to Cases4Real and find you personal referral link and start opening cases for free.

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