Adrenaline cases on Cases4Real

Adrenaline cases on Cases4Real

Adrenaline cases are the best cases to be in the black! By opening it you have a chance to get cases which price is few times higher than real case price, so the chances are high! Open these cases at your own hook!

Here you can find 4 cool cases:


Silver case

Silver case on Cases4RealSilver case – The youngest “child” of this cases line. Any user can open the case for ~$1.35 and try luck. Here you can become the proud owner of solid skin with the price 10 times higher than case price.

Golda Nova case

Gold Nova case on Cases4RealGolda Nova case – Mediate case of this cases line. With the price of ~$3.90 you can get cooler skins: Chances to make profit even more higher!

Global case

Global case on Cases4RealGlobal case – This is a flagman case of this cases line! The “tastiest” drop waits for you here! For only ~$13.75 you get an opportunity to have one of the coolest knives! Let’s see if is the fortune on your side?
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